Our Values

Assistance in Decision Making

With its free offering, Balotilo aims to enable a maximum number of organizations to consult their members and organize democratic decision-making processes.

More Democratic Voting

There are multiple ways to consult voters. A binary "for or against" choice does not guarantee making the best decision. Electronic voting allows voters to better express their preferences, for example, through approval voting and preferential voting.

Balotilo offers these types of voting to organize more nuanced decision-making, which better respects the intentions of voters, where voters do not need to resort to strategic voting.

Broader Participation

By offering an easy-to-use platform, the site encourages wider participation in democratic decision-making. This allows a greater number of people to express their opinions on issues that directly concern them.

Transparent Elections

By enabling voters to verify that their vote has been accounted for using a control key, Balotilo guarantees transparent elections. Observers can monitor the voter registration list.

Respect for User Data

This online voting site commits to protecting the personal information of its users. The data is treated with utmost care and used solely for the purposes of the voting process.

In conclusion, this online voting site not only offers a convenient and accessible voting method; it also commits to promoting a secure voting process in line with democratic principles.