Election capitaine équipe de France BotN 2021
Group / Organization: FFBéhourd
End of the voting: Monday 15 February 2021 6:00PM
Registered voters: 48

Turnout: 79%  (38 votes cast)
Date Event
Wednesday 10 February 2021 2:32PM Start

Classez les candidats au poste de capitaine Battle of the Nations selon votre ordre de préférence.
1.  [B] Ronan Desgranges
     B is preferred to any other choice. To be more precise:
     B is preferred to: A (by 22 more votes).
2.  [A] Batiste Lacroix
     A is defeated by: B (by 22 more votes).
Table of all preferences:
...votes over A ...votes over B
A is preferred by... 8
B is preferred by... 30